The Bride 


Imagine yourself as a bride. 

You are surrounded by your bridesmaids. 

Your bridesmaids are not your actual friends,

but a fantasy brigade of pornoliscious attendants. 

Start finger frolicking yourself 

at the thought of roughly three to five to seven gals

with handmade crowns of organic flowers

and slim tanned bodies 

attending not to your veil and bouquet

but to your sexual needs.

Pretend your fingers are their tongues and freshly manicured phalanges 

straight from the nail salon at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club spa “Aspire.”

You might also imagine that they have even ferreted away some special toys 

in their monogramed totes for the occasion. 


But first, the scene to paint: 

You are in a rustically styled lodge/ living room of the grounds of the resort

used as a sort of backstage area for the bridal party before their big entrance.

Just outside the french doors of this room is the aisle down which you will 

“dan-dan-dan-daaan “ yourself into wedded bliss in about three hours time. 


Just now, Kiasley politely asks for a half hour to help the bride into her dress 

and share a few special moments together. 


Kaisley locks the door after ushering out

the hair dresser and makeup artist that have just given you

both a gorgeous dewy bridal look

and a sick-ass french-braided formal undo

that is both delicately wispy enough to read as high romance 

and secured with enough

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray (the best)

to withstand the nights revelries 

and still look nice at the farewell brunch the next morning. 



Kelly and Kate are wearing the carefully curated vintage dressing gowns 

you have selected for their color palettes and embroidered with their first names

(so they they would still be useable after each of their impending or probably weddings 

and last name changes)

and given to them as bridesmaids gifts 

along with a small bottle of barefoot bubbly champagne

that you cheekily covered 

with a handmade label found on Etsy that reads

“lets get ready to pop things off bridesmaids-

thanks for bringing your effervescence into my life”


Kaisley has long raven hair and is a few years older than you

She was so tall and buxom that 

even in the coral sheath you helped her pick out 

from the Sweet Escapes Seaside Collection at David’s Bridal

she still looks like a manga heroine 

or a deviant art drawing

of a sexy she-wolf woman with huge knockers.

Her ample breasts heave out of the tasteful halter top neckline

that you specifically guided her towards 

so as to downplay her assets,

but no such luck is to be had. 


Her eyes glisten,

 She had gotten dressed earlier than the others 

and had been eyeing the clock and the doors anxiously ever since.

There is plenty of time until the ceremony began 

and everyone’s hair and makeup already looks flawless -

all you need to do is slip on your gown 

and wait for the rest of the guests to assemble on the lawn. 

A few guests are already milling about in front of the rustic wood chairs

and altar backdrop you have fashioned out of natural birch timbers 

and decorated with a hearty eucalyptus greenery swag 

that was sure not to wilt in the late summer sun.

But the day is perfect. 

Your fiancé, Bennett and his “boys”, 

are still probably doing cigars and brandy on the golf course.


“Oh, you’re dressed already Kais,” says Kelly 

“I guess we better put on our dresses

before we help her into hers” 

and she drops her robe and panties to floor.

She bends over to pick them up 

When she does, you can see her labia peek at you through her legs from behind.

When you do that, Bennet always says you are showing him your “back-burger”.

Kate starts to untie her robe too, but then Kaisley says 

“Stay comfortable,” almost a little too quickly,

“we still have plenty of time and I want to do something first” 

Kelly, standing naked

 cups her small, beautiful perky breasts absent-mindedly

but makes no move to put back on her robe or panties.


“Why don’t you lay down here” said Kaisely, pointing to a buttery, leather couch 

as she sweeps all the discarded clothes off it. 


“Okie Doke”  you say and settle in, expecting some kind of guided meditation

to clear yourpre-wedding jitters. 

You are wearing a white silk robe that was a gift 

during the panty shower portion of your bachelorette party

with nothing on underneath.

Notice the silk on your skin 

as you relaxed into the sumptuous brown cushions.


“Okay,” she says,

“I want you to just feel your body and just how good and happy you feel 

on this day and just savor it”

You breathe in happily

still a little giddy from the excitement

“now, I want you to feel us and how much we love you 

and want you to be happy”

You feel three pairs of hands on your body.

The proximity of Kelly’s hands to your breasts 

underneath the thin layer of silk mades your nipples stiffen 

and pop out like the little red meat thermometers they put in butterball turkeys.

“just relax and breathe” says Kaisley.

Feel the hands start to move along your body and feel another throbbing

this time between your thighs 

when you realize how close Kate’s hands are to you inner thighs

part them ever so slightly, so I can feel the cool air on your cooter cleft.

As though she is reading your mind, 

Kaisely parts your silk robe and pulls it along and off your breasts to the sides

exposing your rock hard nipples to a dull, thick ache.

“Breathe,” she says again

and you gasp as your nipples and juicy jewel in the sea below (your clit - ah!)

are all taken into wet mouths.

Your eyes roll back into your head 

just slowly enough for you to see the 

chalkboard sign that reads

“our love is as sweet as ice cream”

that you had forgotten to set by the “indulgences buffet”

but your stress about the centerpieces melts away 

as you became the center of their pieces 

each woman grinding on you and each other until you

climax in mutual screaming orgasms.


You lay silent for a while

then giggle a lot 

then kissed each other on every part as you dress each other.


Suddenly there is a knock on the door,

“come in” says Kaisley, 

smiling broadly at you

“The Bride’s all ready” 


It is Marsha, your wedding coordinator, 

“We’re you guys cheering in here?

How fun! 

I brought O.J. for Mimosas, in case you wanted to take the edge off”


“Oh we already did that,” says Kelly

and you laughed again, like the best friends that you are. 

awaken yourself slowly.