A new moon beckons you wander the trail, hike the path, drive the road. So much noise going on... it's nearly impossible to find focus and solace. But the star stuff in your guts beckon you journey onward, creating space for renewal and revitalization in your belly. Get your guts nice and sparkly for a productive and juicy month ahead.

A personal note from Mz. Jones: while driving through central Texas, four hawks perched powerfully on tree branches at the side of the highway. These sentinels guard my journey east. Look for sentinels on your path. They may not be hawks. Sometimes sentinels are but ghosts.

Choose a cardinal direction, begin your journey. Pick up a stone of milky quartz, supportive for lesson learning, realizing limitations, and utilizing tact. Have a momentary cry. Wipe your cheek with the stone. If you cut yourself, let the blood run dry and then smear dirt on your cheeks. Do not wash your face till morning. Bury the stone in your pocket. 

As the new moon guides your journey, remember the stone is in your pocket. When alien lights beckon you from a far, under a sea of twinkly stars, remember that the stone is in your pocket. When, the next morning, you journey off your path to go find the source of the alien lights, remember that the stone is in your pocket. Let your heart be shocked with utter joy and surprise when you discover that the stone from your pocket was the source of the alien lights all along. Pat your pocket with your palm and marvel at how the stone got back to the earth, full of light. Remember that you are the alien. The new moon reflects light off the stone, not to derail your journey but to cheer you on.

Find a sentinel, let it guide you back to your path. Run till your heart might burst. If your cheeks are still covered in mud, let your sweat wipe your face salty clean.