entertain in your minds eye

three large eggs

symbols of fullness

of fecundity

of the female promise

now picture these large eggs

one at each point of your pelvis

throbbing with potential

and one egg

the largest and most wonderful of all

atop your head

feel these eggs

start to change from the golden richness

of  yolk

to the twitching, itching beating feathers

of your internal bird of paradise

yearning to crack wide her impermanent cage of shell


And now sisters,

as we continue to feel our own birthing pangs

let us assist each other

as sacred midwives to each other

in issuing forth our womanly wholeness


let us begin  

by joining feet instead of the customary joining of hands as our true feminine energy radiates from below the navel through the pudenda


Place your left hand the side of receptivity and femininity over your sisters to the lefts heart

And commandingly shout into her ear

openness in the the heart sister

Now move that hand down to her navel and shout

strength in the ambilicus sister

Now hover your hand about a foot from her goodness

And shout

richness on the womb sister


and now join me in chanting

pudenda fallopia


we shall continue to shout this until each sister has flowered forth in ecstacy


pudenda fallopia

--Winnifred Coombe