You have a vision board. It might be embarrassing because its true or embarrassing because its untrue. Either way, step into it now. You are ready and lingering at the frame, or the edge of the posterboard. Walk in there and see how it feels, and, if you need to, change it. You probably don’t need to change it, you are just embarrassed because, well, vision boards are inherently humiliating. Just step in, like you would step through the Lookingglass, through the back of the wardrobe and into Narnia, or through the brick pillar that gets you onto the Hogwarts Express. 

A wise aquarian told you to think about your tummy once. You are drawing it in closer to you, hugging yourself with it for once and it feels good. You’ll just keepon doing that. You are feeling joy and the accompanying terror that comes with it, which, by the way, no one explains is part of the joy and that joy is not just one big pancake birthday party with golden retrievers smiling everywhere in funny hats. The terror is fine, but pretending to be Wednesday Adams because she is cooler than Rainbo- Bright doesn't get you as far deep into MagicLand as you can possibly go. You are the luckiest, luckiest, luckiest. Use this new moon to feel all the gratitude you have for your privilege, which, is only bad word when it goes unacknowledged. Showing your enjoyment of the gifts you've been given is a form of gratitude. Keep swimming in that glorious sea of lucky and somehow you will flow towards how to be of service.